Wisdom from Excavating the Past

Beauty in the Past

Beauty in the Past


Sometimes it's necessary to reflect back in order to excavate the beauty of the past, the treasure in amongst the ashes, in order to move forward whole and healed.

We're always being told to not look into the past always be moving forward into the future; into better things, that the past is the past and it's best left behind. This is true to a certain extent. We shouldn’t reflect back into the past in order to rehash our hurts and wounds or to dwell in our suffering and to place blame on past circumstances or people for our present life situations. It is a good idea however, to reflect back into the past and find the beauty from those situations, the lessons, to discover how we've grown from those hurtful trying situations, the experiences that tested us, brought us overwhelming sadness, created doubt in ourselves and made us fearful. It's good to take a positive inventory by glancing back, to bring light and awareness to those strengths that were gained through those experiences, bringing clarity and higher understanding fully into the present so that we can move forward in a truly empowered way, knowing who we are and knowing what we've come through. Once we have gleaned this higher awareness we can see the person that we have become and how these perceived negative experiences have helped to shape who we are at present. This is what spirit is made of, strength wisdom and higher understanding, a growing through experiences rather than a wilting like an ending bloom. For as Spirit we must always be learning, expanding and growing through our experiences; other wise we are stuck, left wingless as an injured bird. Evolution is our Spirit’s nature.


So choose right now to look back and to have an honest look through your Spirit’s eyes at your own amazing evolution. Write down how you have grown through one past hurtful situation and bring light, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness and closure to it. Write your insights down as positive affirmations.

Example ~ I am always mindful of my words as I have learned their power to heal or harm. I choose to uplift others through my words.

We always have the power of choice; always choose the positive. It takes a conscious effort and you will reap the rewards in terms of what you attract into your life. This is actively living through Spirit.


I would love to hear the wisdom and growth that you uncover from a past hurtful situation, so please feel free to comment and share, in sharing we help others to move forward through our own experiences, insights and lessons.


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carol leckie-vanhorne
May 25, 2015 2:13 am

Hi Cathy, It is with great interest that I read your blog on "the Past." So many people are frightened to look over their shoulder, to look behind them at their Past. There are various reasons for each individual! For myself I view my PAST experiences as to what has shaped my Future. Our Behaviours, our Personality traits can be related to our Childhood Experiences and how we coped with them. To be in FEAR of looking back into our Past experiences, Trials and Tribulations, would be an Injustice, a Travesty to our very being. Our Past has assisted us in shaping us into the Adults we are today. Our Behaviour, our Personality and certain traits are all a Reflection of our Past. To NOT see The Past is also a Fear for the Tomorrows = as we move from one day to the next day they are our Past also....our more recent Past. Each new day that ends after 24 hours ....is now the Past. So we Awaken to the new Day, The Future Day that we Anticipated as we put the Yesterday behind us. I, Personally, would regret putting any of my Past buried, or "put to sleep" as each Past Yesterday gave me opportunities to realize my Potential for constant Growth and Awareness of myself. Some people attempt to "stifle" their past which has led to self medication, anxiety, denial and various health issues. This is not a weakness it is a coping method and their way of dealing with their pain. We should never be ashamed of our Past= mistakes we made, hurts we caused, inappropriate actions we have exhibited all a part of the human experience, and will continue to experience as we Journey on in our Days = Yesterdays, Todays and our Tomorrows!!!! 🙂 Regards, CAROL


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