What is My Frequency?

Cathy Chmilnitzky


People often ask me how can they tell what they are vibrating at in terms of their energy frequency.

My answer to that is, all you need do is look at the circumstances, situations, feelings and thoughts that are showing up in your life. Look at how you react to things that come to your attention and awareness . If you are experiencing lack, struggle, conflict, chaos or being pulled into fears and doubts then this is a huge indicator that your energy frequency is vibrating at a low rate. You have to pull yourself back into the knowledge that you are a creating being. You are creating your reality at every single moment with your thoughts and feelings, the world around you that you see and are living within, is a direct result of your thoughts and feelings. If there is one single truth that I can impart upon you to EMPOWER you, it's that. Let me reinforce - YOU are a creating being.YOU are creating at every moment with your thoughts and feelings.
You and you alone are responsible for what is showing up in your life and you and you alone hold the power to change it.

Step One to Empowerment
You begin to create your desired life by changing your thinking. A negative thought triggers a negative emotion and these energies are picked up by the Universe, who's Law is, Like Attracts Like. So you will be creating more of what you don't want! This means becoming an observer of your thoughts. Observing makes you consciously aware and then in the moment when you catch yourself having a negative thought you can immediately replace it with a positive.

For example:

"I hate my job."

Change to

"I am so grateful to have a job."

Begin with this first step and you will reap the benefits in many astounding ways! Great things will begin to show up in your life and you will feel amazed!

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