Trifecta of Energies ~ Spring Equinox, New Moon and a Solar Eclipse

Make a Wish

Make a Wish

March 20, 2015 is a very special energy date; a real powerhouse. Not only is it spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, which brings with it the New Moon, there will also be a Solar Eclipse. Talk about a triple powerhouse of energies!

The Spring Equinox is always a time of rebirth and renewal. The New Moon is similar as it represents the completion of the old and swings into preparing for the new (which we have the chance to do with each cycle of the moon), along with the Solar Eclipse a new and intense energy will open up allowing us to focus our attention on creating great things in our lives.

During this powerful energy time reflect first on what it is that you wish to express out into the world, reflect on where you’re at now and where you want to be in terms of goals/projects/desires; the life you want to be living. Now is the opportunity to redirect your life, adjust your sails and then let the wind carry you with your guidance through intentions and actions. Which means that once you’ve reflected write down where you want to go, how you can and will express your spirit out into the world, through your actions.

Ritual is a great way to make your new intentions concrete. A couple of suggestions are:

Write down what is no longer serving you in all areas of your life. Now burn this paper and say to yourself as it burns “I willingly release all that no longer is in my highest and best good now to the flame of transmutation” Close your eyes and connect to this energy leaving, see or sense it burning from you and changing, or transforming into light.

Take your new intention written down on a piece of paper and under the new moon either bury it or place it underneath of a rock with the thought that you are now planting the seeds to your desires for your life and Mother Earth will tend to it for you, assisting in it’s nurturing and manifesting. Once buried or placed beneath a rock close your eyes and allow the energy of this equinox and new moon, solar eclipse to fill your body and spirit. Feel renewed and energized yet filled with peace and positive inspiration.

Sit in quiet contemplation, thinking about what no longer serves and the direction that you now choose to take, release the old energies by sensing them leaving you like a mist being drawn up to the universe. Now move into thoughts (which are intentions) of what you now desire to create for your life, what you want your life to look like, what you want to do to share your self, your gifts with others. Sense these new intentions floating up to the Universe like seeds from a dandelion, drifting higher and higher and believe that you are now co-creating these with the Source (God) energy. Feel your connection to the Source, feel your energy expanding and becoming lighter and freer. Give silent gratitude that these intentions are manifesting now and feel that gratitude with in your body. Stay with this as long as you like and then open your eyes when you’re ready

Now that you’ve released the old and announced the new to the Universe don’t forget to take action. Follow through on guidance that you receive that will help take you to your desires. Recognize new opportunities in situations and people and act on them. Put even small action steps into your calendar so that you will have accountability to your self in making these intentions real in the world.

Stay positive and give gratitude daily this will feed your intentions and help them to flourish into reality.

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