The Battle of the Ego



I just returned from a three day event. The event was awesome and I learned a great deal yet reflecting over the past few days I feel the most growth in my spirit. 

Before heading to this event I noticed a post asking if anyone wanted to share a room, as this person’s guest wasn’t able to attend at the last minute. When I first read it I immediately dismissed it with my ego saying “No you enjoy having a room all to yourself” “ No way I’m not sharing with someone I hardly know” and on and on my mind went putting up barriers. But then a quiet inner voice from spirit said “Cathy you are striving to live your life from your spirit, your divine self, from a 5th dimensional state of being and part of that living means connecting to people, part of it is community and co- operation, it’s kindness and caring, it’s non judgement and openness, it’s acceptance and it’s knowing yourself as one with all and pushing past the mind/ego in order to live those qualities and experiences.”
So I quickly messaged her asking if she was still looking for someone to share with.
I’ll tell you right now if I hadn’t have made that shift from ego to spirit I would not have had the wonderful experience that I did.
We shared stories and laughs, drinks and food, walks through the city, strange purple and black ice cream, sensory stimulation coupled with free samples at Lush, strange synchronicities and I was introduced to some awesome ladies from the Lady Strength Mastermind all through my roomie.
I got to share time with someone who is kind, thoughtful and giving and in this experience was given the gift of living from my highest self. 

My Big Lesson 

To truly be living from spirit we must take the time to step back from the critical thinking mind of the ego and allow ourselves the opportunity to hear our spirits voice. We always have a choice, we can choose to stay acting from the status quo or we can choose to take a leap into a new experience despite the discomfort level.
Spirit or ego, it’s your choice yet know that with that choice comes expansion or stagnation and for me I always want to be expanding and living the best of myself and of this life.

Now Go Forth and Prosper my friends!



From my heart to yours, Thank You Gail Simard


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That’s a masterpiece!!! many of us have had a similar experience with awesome experience. I’ve never really thought about the struggle being egoism. Thanks for sharing.

Cathy Chmilnitzky
July 11, 2018 4:41 pm

Thank you. I am happy to share 🙂


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