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Hello I am Cathy Chmilnitzky. For those of you who don't know me........It is my pleasure to Welcome you to the Energy Mastery Circle Exclusive Membership site I am honoured and grateful to fulfill my souls mission by awakening others to their own souls through this Circle. This is a place of beauty, community, spiritual and intuitive growth and healing. This circle offers support and encouragement along this path of life.  As I am opening to deeper truths and knowledge it is my desire to lovingly share it with you. 

I'd like to take a moment to explain the philosophy and my own desire for Energy Mastery Circle and what we can create together.

 It is my desire that The Circle be an incredible supportive space in which a sense of community will be built where you can come to know your own truth, and to gain clarity on important questions and actions in your life by nurturing your intuitive nature through spiritual knowledge and exercises. It brings me great joy to help to elevate other souls and awaken them to their soul’s mission. When we commit to our own spiritual development and nurturing we receive such a priceless gift in return, the gift of being our true selves and in this expression we become abundant because we shift the frequency from which we operate and come into alignment with the Source of all that is. In response our lives take an incredible positive turn in every area, from relationships, to business, to finances. We begin to live joyfully, with a sense of inner peace and believe that all is good.

Imagine expanding through Exclusive Access to one of the most revered Energy Intuitive's and being part of a special circle of like minded supportive people

Cathy Chmilnitzky is the best in the world at what she does.  If anyone knows anything about energy; how to tap into the blocks, determine where the underlying challenges are (as they relate to preventing you from getting results), and help clear them, she is the “go-to” person.  We are all energetic beings and this is a topic you want to pay attention to.  You may be the only one standing in your way of success and Cathy can help you get out of your own way and experience the results you have been desiring.

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Peggy McColl
New York Times Best-Selling Author
aka "The Best Seller Maker"

Energy Mastery Circle is an Exclusive Membership Program that will Teach You how to Connect to Your Intuition and Ascend into a new Energy Frequency that will transform your life!

This membership program offers the opportunity to receive the guidance you need in a brand new way (with video classes or circles delivered each month!). Cathy's teaching style is fun, easy, experiential and lasting, providing you with the tools that will Last a Lifetime! Oh and don't forget her 20 + years of experience and wisdom that she is ready to Pass onto You!

Coming together in a monthly Circle is an incredible way to connect us back to our personal power, what is beautiful in ourselves, re-igniting our inner wisdom and inspiring appreciation for ourselves as well as, bringing forward increased self awareness through the practice of connecting to our most Divine selves – our Intuitive Spiritual Self.

What is a Circle?

Healing Circles have been practiced since ancient times by many cultures throughout history, Native American tribes use medicine wheels, the Celtic stone circles were thought to be used as temples, calendars, and even astronomy observatories are a few examples. Circles provide community in which to come to know our own truth, and to gain clarity on important questions and actions in our lives.

The sacred geometric symbol of the circle represents natural and personal powers in complete balance. It is a sign that everything is interconnectedwe are One. In gathering together in this sacred power we tap into self awareness, knowledge and our own personal power, which gives us the wisdom and insight to guide and direct our own lives from an empowered place, learning to no longer live life from fears, doubts and insecurities. A circle is the vessel that holds this energy vibration for all who join it and when held within the energy of the circle we come into the truth of who we are.  

What is Ascension?

We as energy beings have been living in and operating from a third dimensional energy frequency, this frequency is very dense as well as based in our experience of ego and emotions. These thoughts and feelings having a huge impact on the reality of our lives because we create our lives through what we are thinking and feeling. So any lower emotions and negative thoughts and self beliefs have shaped the very fabric of our lives and what we are receiving and experiencing.

We are currently in a period of great transition into what is called the new Golden Age. During this time period the very nature of our energy is shifting to a higher frequency, we are shifting into a Fifth Dimensional Vibration. The Earth has already shifted and us that walk upon her cannot help but be affected. Ascension is a process and Energy Mastery Circle is here to assist you in a smooth transition into these higher frequencies through knowledge and energy exercises such as activations and meditations. You will learn what it means to be 5th dimensional, learn about the time of Atlantis and the influence it holds on our ascension process and so much more!

Why Joining the Energy Mastery Circle is Important for You!

In these turbulent times it's important to recall our Soul's Mission as many shift's are occurring that rattle us bone deep, unearthing our long held emotional hurts and the memories held in the mind of these wounds that bring about powerless thinking.

In the upheaval we find ourselves feeling lost, sad, and lonely, with no way of truly explaining why we are feeling and experiencing what we are in the moment.

If you are feeling this upheaval in your life and are ready to connect back to knowing your Soul and receiving the healing, tools and knowledge that will assist and offer you the way, the Energy Mastery Circle is Calling YOU! Here you will find knowledge, support, remembering, soul connection, encouragement, community, understanding and Love on a Universal level. Come let's grow spiritually and intuitively together, healing what limits us so that we may contribute our light for the good of All!

What is the benefit of being a Member of the Ascension Circle?

* Harmoniously Co- Create with Source in order to manifest your greatest desires for your life.

Know yourself as Energy, for everything we see around us is Energy.

* The importance of caring for your energy in order to bring to you the riches the world has to offer.

Heal old limiting wounds and old out dated ways of thinking as you move into a higher energy state of being.

Operate from a higher energy frequency which will change the way you see, think and feel about the world, yourself and those around you.

Begin living your truth from a place of power

Know yourself as so much more than you think you are at this moment.

* Receive unseen helpers that will guide and support you moving forward

Gain invaluable knowledge and insight about yourself

Experience support, understanding and encouragement

Feel connected, no need to ever feel lonely again once you have the keys to knowing you are One

Become a Walking Master - a person who holds the ability to move through lower experiences as we are shifting out of the 3rd dimension and into the 5th, meaning you will be able to handle life's "stuff" when it comes your way!

Open your heart in order to give and receive the love that is available to you and for you.

Be ahead of the curve - you will jump the line so to speak as you will be intentionally giving focus to your Ascension journey and helping it along the way by learning to avoid any stop signs through understanding gained in the Circle.

The benefits are many and I could go on and on about them but you get the idea. It will be an Amazing Opportunity for your own personal growth and fulfillment on every level of your life.

What is included in membership?

Exclusivity! I care deeply about each of my members, you will have my dedication and support on your journey to Life Mastery
Once a month Teaching Video (up to 2hrs of content) that will include new topics of Ascensionhealingguided exercises such as visualizations, journeys and more that you will be able to access at your leisure. I know and understand that everyone has a busy schedule as well as time differences around the world, so this is like hitting the easy button!
Digital Documents/Handouts from each Circle that you may choose to print out for easy reference and further study.
Once a month Group Healing in which all members of the Ascension Circle will receive a healing of old limiting 3rd dimensional energies (emotions, thoughts, limiting beliefs etc) that no longer serve as we move into the higher energy frequencies.
Exclusive Access to "Soul Retrieval" Program Value $697
Exclusive Access to "Shamanism" Module One my digital course introducing you to Shamanism - Traditional Native Healing Value $297
Digital Download of each of my guided meditations " Energy Healing Journey" "Reconnecting to Spirit" "Discovering Your Needs at the Moment" Value $45

All new programs and guided meditations that are added throughout your membership! This is The Cracker Jack of bonuses, there is no telling what this will be worth but trust me it will be valuable. 

community forum to connect with other members, that I will pop onto from time to time as well.

Q. How is the program going to be delivered?

All membership materials will be available right here in our membership area. Simply login to access.

Q. When can I expect my monthly payments to be billed?

Your first payment for Ascension Circle is processed on the day of enrolment and then payments are billed every 30 days there after

Q. If I want a refund how do I go about it?

You can cancel your membership at any time and you will not be billed again. However, a cancellation does not refund the previous month’s charges as your membership content has already been delivered to you. Please note: once you’ve cancelled your membership, you will no longer have access to the membership portal and you will be removed from the Ascension Circle group.


 The registration is now open for a limited time, so don't delay, follow your spirits calling - Join Ascension Circle and begin your Ascension journey Now!!

“Community will be the guru of the future.”

   Thich Naht Hanh

Monthly Membership Option

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Six Month Membership Option

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