How to be a Shaman Healer by Cathy Chmilnitzky

Explore each of the Three Worlds of Shamanism in three guided journeys where you will reconnect to your Power, meet your spiritual helpers and bring forward your innate healer self.

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Energy Clearing Journey by Cathy Chmilnitzky

This powerful Energy Clearing CD will transform the way you function. By connecting to The Source Energy you will free yourself from emotional wounds and mental thought patterns that are holding you in fear and doubt.

Reconnecting to Spirit

This guided meditation will unite you with your true self, which is your spirit and allow you to open up to your divine qualities. Moving you forward in life in a powerful, authentic way.

It's so easy to lose ourselves and what we need in our hectic lives! Take Five and discover what it is that you need at this moment to feed and nurture yourself