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Cathy Chmilnitzky
Recently I was invited to contribute to my friend Jae Rang's Aha Moment newsletter that she sends out every Monday and I'm so happy to be able to share that newsletter with you here!

It's my pleasure to introduce Jae to you as well as a couple of her beautiful accomplishments. Jae M. Rang MAS, is a Strategist, Speaker, Author and most importantly, William’s Mom.  Her first book, SENSORY MEDIA; Discover the Way to Anchor Your Brand and Be Memorable became an Amazon best-seller hours after the launch.  The reason?  Jae’s continual study of the mind and universal principals, and the effects “SENSORY MEDIA” has on human beings. Join the community and receive your Aha every Monday morning and follow @jaemrang for more insights.

I encourage you to receive her newsletter as it is very insightful and causes one to take a moment to ponder the content and experience your own inner spark of Aha truth! Happy Aha-ing!


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If you’ve ever been through the building process you know what an obstacle course a construction site can be.

Between scaffolding, temporary stairs, tarps, skids and muck, you need to be so careful where you walk and how.
If you’re not paying attention it would be too easy to bump your head, scrape your arm or twist your ankle.
Wearing steel-toed shoes, safety glasses and a helmet is standard practice for that environment.

We’re quite protective of our bodies - we lather on sunscreen on hot days, wear mittens in the winter, and cover our cuts with Bandaids – but how protective are we of our minds?
Our minds are as wide open and as vulnerable as our bodies yet we think nothing of exposing our minds to negativity, toxic conversations, and counter-intuitive advice.

Is it because we can’t see the effects of poisonous influence or contaminated content that we allow ourselves to entertain it?

Aha – “Safeguard your reason” ~ Epictetus

“Just as when you walk you are careful not to step on a nail or injure your foot, you should similarly take the utmost care not to in any way impair the highest faculty of your mind. “

Hand up if you’re on information overload!  Getting a grasp on filtering through it all and practicing “choice” takes effort at first, then it becomes a deserving habit.

Cathy Chmilnitzky, Energy Inuit and Founder of the Energy Mastery Institute, gives this advice.  “Since our minds are the space within which creation is housed, we must become the Master of our Mind. To master your mind you must become an observer of your thoughts, being aware of what you're thinking at every moment. Having observed negative thinking entering the mind you can immediately replace it with a positive uplifting thought, a thought that serves your highest and best good. These higher frequency thoughts in-turn work to create a life filled with greatness.”

Kind of like mittens for your mind, eh?

More on Cathy right here

Succeed deliberately!

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