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Soul Retrieval Program


In this powerful yet gentle Four Week digital program you will return to wholeness through the healing of your Soul, entirely from the comfort and privacy of your own home!



We’ve all experienced traumatic events in our lives to varying degrees.

These events can range from a divorce in the family, the loss of a loved one, a car accident to abuse, be it mental, emotional or physical.

A soul loss occurs as a result of these traumatic events and this soul damage can result in a lifetime of chronic pain be it physical, emotional or mental. This can cause an inability to function to your full potential or to live the life that you truly desire.

This Soul Damage can affect every aspect of your life from relationships to business. You may feel disconnected from the world or experience repeating patterns of negativity in your life.

YOU can Heal this damage and move forward fully empowered and whole with the loving guidance of this all encompassing Soul Retrieval Program!


In each session you will be taken through a healing journey and after that journey you will use the workbook to record your experience – thoughts and feelings for further release and healing.


Session One – Unite with your Higher Self and Healing the Critical Voices


In Part One you will be guided through a journey to meet and reunite with your Higher Self; Your Higher Self holds the qualities of who you really are. Uniting with this true self you will gain the ability to manifest your desired future. This will be a joy filled experience


In Part Two you will heal the Critical Voices of the Subconscious Mind that reside in each of us; critical voices that run on an eternal loop.

This session goes hand in hand with the Universal our thoughts create our world. If our thoughts are self-defeating and limiting then we attract the matching vibration in our lives. The evidence of this is visible through your current life circumstances and the people that surround you.

By Healing these internal voices you will effectively flip the switch to a positive vibration and that equates to positive attraction in your life.

It’s time to raise the bar and bring forward your deepest desires for your great life!



Session Two – Soul Retrieval


Part One - Balancing the Past

This session begins with a full healing from the trauma and any past patterns on all levels. This will include all lifetimes as well. Past Energies are brought to the surface through painful emotions or events that are held in the energy field and have not been healed in a lifetime. This Healing will Release you from any negative repeating patterns in your life, giving you a clean slate upon which to write your new life story.


Part Two – Soul Retrieval Part One

In this journey you will find and bring back those missing parts of you, the Soul Aspects, which splintered off due to the trauma experienced. This step will heal what is missing and damaged and return it to its proper place within you. This Will bring about healing and wholeness to your very being.


Session Three – Soul Retrieval Final Step

In this important final step of the Soul Retrieval portion of this healing journey you will bring back any soul parts that others may be holding onto that belong to you. The reasons can vary as to why this happens. It can be out of a sense of protection and care, control or even manipulation.

This session will also include the element of forgiveness in order to free yourself and ignite your spirit.


Session Four – Checking In

The fourth week is all about checking in with yourself and your soul fragments that have come home. It’s important to make sure that they are still anchored into your heart and the earth. It’s also vital that they are not experiencing any fears that would cause them to fragment once again.

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