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I am so excited that you are here!

You should be very proud of yourself for taking this courageous step in your journey to living your best self and life.  You are about to embark on an important process of healing and transformation through the Soul Retrieval Program. Below you will find the instructions, all the recordings and the workbook that will guide you. You can choose to download and print out the workbook or you can get a journal and record the questions and answers there.


What does Private Client Access mean? It means that YOU have purchased the use of this program through your purchase of it. It is not under any circumstances to be shared.

Can I download it to my computer? You can download the workbook. And then choose to print it out in order to work from it.

What will my Soul fragments look like or appear as? This can be a very individual experience and your Soul Fragments may appear in any form to you. They could look like you at different ages, maybe as light or simply a sense of them. It's best to not have any expectations and go in open to what ever comes to you in your inner vision.

What if I'm not a visual person will I still be able to go through the healing and will it be effective? Not everyone is visual but we all have intuitive gifts and yours could be an inner knowing or a sense. As long as you are listening to the recordings for each session, you are being guided to healing.

Click the link below to access the workbook. You can then save it to your computer and/or print it out.

Soul Retrieval Program Workbook


Week One ~ Welcome to Session One
Session One – Unite with your Higher Self and Healing the Critical Voices

 In Part One you will be guided through a journey to meet and reunite with your Higher Self; Your Higher Self posses all of the higher qualities of who you really are. By uniting with this true self you will gain the ability to manifest your desired future. This will be a joy filled experience and the first piece of bringing about wholeness and balance to your being.

In Part Two you will heal the Critical Voices of the Subconscious Mind that reside in each of us; those critical voices that have been created by the mind and run on an eternal loop.

This session goes hand in hand with the Universal Truth that we create our realities with our thoughts. If our thoughts are self-defeating and limiting then we attract the matching vibration in our lives. The evidence of this is visible through your current life circumstances and the people that surround you.

By Healing these internal voices you will effectively flip the switch to a positive vibration and that equates to positive attraction in your life. So here we go!




You will need to allow yourself approximately 2 hours to complete the first session. Find somewhere comfortable to sit where you will not be disturbed or interrupted. It’s important that you sit up straight for these sessions to prevent yourself from falling asleep and so that you are fully conscious of being guided through this healing journey. It’s beneficial if you can choose the same day and time each week and mark it in your calendar. This way you are making a commitment to yourself and your healing.


You are now ready to begin. Play the first recording below titled Unite with your Higher Self. Once complete turn to the workbook (page 4) and go through the questions under Session One Part One. Writing brings further healing and insight.

Once finished all questions and writings you are ready to listen to the second recording in Session One Healing the Critical Voices. When the guided meditation is complete turn to your workbook (page 5) and go through the questions for Part Two Session One.



Unite with Your Higher Self 


Healing the Critical Voices 



Congratulations! You have completed the First Session in your healing journey. You should feel very proud of yourself. It’s recommended that you drink plenty of water and to listen to your body, rest if you're guided to rest, express if you're guided to! This new energy will be adjusting within you over the next 3 to 4 days.



Week Two ~ Welcome to Session Two


Session Two – Soul Retrieval


Part One - Balancing the Past

This session begins with a full healing from the trauma and any past patterns on all levels. This will include all lifetimes as well. Past Energies are brought to the surface through painful emotions or events that are held in the energy field and have not been healed in a lifetime. This Healing will Release you from any negative repeating patterns in your life, giving you a clean slate upon which to write your new life story.


Part Two – Soul Retrieval Part One

In this journey you will find and bring back those missing parts of you; the Soul Aspects, which splintered off due to the trauma experienced. This step will heal what is missing and damaged and return it to its proper place within you. This Will bring about healing and wholeness to your very being.





Play the first recording below titled Balancing the Past. Once complete turn to the workbook (page 8) and go through the questions under Session Two Part One. Writing will bring further healing and insight.

Once finished all questions and writings you are ready to listen to the second recording Soul Retrieval. Follow the same format as above turning to the workbook (page 9).


Balancing the Past



Soul Retrieval Part One


Congratulations! You have completed the Second Session in your healing journey. Remember to drink plenty of water and to listen to your body, rest if you're guided to rest, journal further if you're guided to! This new energy will be adjusting within you for the next 3 to 4 days.


Week Three ~ Welcome to Session Three


Session Three – Soul Retrieval Final Step


In this important final step you will bring back any soul parts that others may be holding onto that belong to you. The reasons can vary as to why this happens. It can be out of a sense of protection and care, control or even manipulation.

This session will also include the element of forgiveness in order to free yourself and ignite your spirit.



Play the recording below titled Soul Retrieval Final Step. Once complete turn to the workbook (page 12) and go through the questions under Session Three.


Soul Retrieval Final Step


Congratulations! You have completed the Third Session in this healing program. Remember to drink plenty of water and follow your inner guidance. This new energy will be adjusting within you for the next 3 to 4 days.



It’s also important to note at this juncture, now that all the Soul Fragments have returned home to you, that it can take up to a month for them to fully integrate back within you. Make a note of the date that this session was completed on and look ahead four weeks and mark that date. Now you will know when full integration is completed and you can use The Week Four recording titled Checking In below once a week up until the end date or as guided by your inner voice to be certain that your soul fragments remain with you.


Week Four~ Welcome to Session Four


Session Four – Checking In


The fourth week is all about checking in with yourself and your soul fragments that have come home. It’s important to make sure that they are still anchored into your heart and the earth. It’s also vital that they are not experiencing any fears that would cause them to fragment once again.




Listen to the recording below in order to tap in and repair anything necessary for the health and healing of yourself and your fragments. There are no workbook questions for this week but feel free to record your experience and findings of this journey in the workbook (page 15) space provided.



Checking In


WOW! You did it! You completed the Soul Retrieval Program. I'm sure you have gained valuable insight into yourself through this process. You have created a positive shift in your self and in your energy. You will notice changes in the way you feel, think and behave. You will draw to yourself the life you desire by continuing to think loving thoughts towards yourself and the things you want. Remember YOU hold the power within you!