So Angry!!

Cathy Chmilnitzky

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What's Your Angry Face?

I wanted to touch in to the emotion of anger for a moment.
I myself have been feeling angry by certain circumstances in my life, so much so that a "small burst of anger" has popped up on my face in the form of a pimple!! Aghh!
When we experience anger what we are really feeling below the surface of that anger is our needs not being met. It then goes deeper down a level from our needs not being met equating to not feeling loved. When we don't feel loved we don't feel valued, appreciated, validated, honoured, cherished, worthy, respected and more. The feelings then culminate into one ball of anger.
And just a little caution here, if anger is not dealt with, it builds until it turns into the monster of rage!!
So when anger arises in you ask yourself  "What are my needs?" " How are they not being met?"
"How can I feel loved (valued, appreciated, respected etc)?"
"What actions from others contribute to me experiencing love?"
"What can I do so that I feel loved?"
Once you answer these questions you then empower yourself with some constructive actions that can be taken to move forward out of the anger and back into positive feelings.
A few actions that you can take are
1. Communicate your needs to those around you
2. Find ways that you can fill your own needs in order to feel love
3. Share actions that those around you can take to meet your needs
4. Validate and honour your feelings! They are your compass that will guide you deeper into what is out of balance.
5. Focus on what you love - a good book, a movie, the beach, coffee with a friend - what ever it is think about them and feel the positive uplifting emotions these fill you with
6. Take time to do what you love! Schedule it into your calendar so that there are no excuses for giving yourself the gift of time and pleasure
Above all begin to love yourself. Make a commitment to nurture self love by thinking loving thoughts about yourself, loving your body, your mind and your spirit. Really look at yourself in the mirror and focus on the body parts that you love ! Say to yourself "I have beautiful eyes" " I love my legs" "I am wise" "I am a loving person" "I am valued" etc
When we work on loving ourselves we change the energy that we are in and this ripples out and is mirrored back to us from others.
You are special, you are valued and you are loved!
Love and Hugs,

PS - please feel free to share with those you care about 🙂

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