September~An Energetic Shift

Cathy Chmilnitzky

Summer Ahh!

I always feel like September is a new beginning.

I guess that's because my kid’s head back to school (well only one now) and into a new chapter for the school year. That means back to routine, activities and back to focus.

Yet I can feel myself shift energetically as well at this time. People who know me know this little tidbit - I Am a Summer Girl!! -And here in Ontario our summers are short, so summer for me is a time to enjoy the warmth of the weather, kick back and relax a little more than usual. Spend indulgent days at the beach soaking in the vitamin d, reading cheesy romance novels that require zero brainpower just sheer entertainment value. Spending extra time with family and friends simply having fun; road tripping, barbequing, kayaking, hiking forests and mountains, eating at favorite restaurants, philosophical conversations over coffee and wine (not, just more coffee and wine)
Once September hits I feel a realigning within my being to focus myself into more doing from my spirit. During summer I honor my spirit by giving it what feeds and nourishes it in order for it to expand, then come September it is recharged and ready to start re expressing itself through action. The imagination and ideas have percolated all summer long by allowing space for them to come alive and the stillness and silence for me to listen. September brings a follow through into the physical through concrete activity. This is my natural rhythm and I allow myself to flow through it without guilt, without reprimand, without the weight of judgment. I honor me! In doing so I fill myself with love and I have so much more to give.

Now take a few reflective moments and ask yourself "How does my spirit like to be honored, loved and nurtured?"
"What is my natural rhythm? And have I been fighting against it?"
"What action will I take today to feed my spirit and fill myself with love?"

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