Cathy Chmilnitzky
When I gaze upon your face I see peace and hope for all.

When I gaze upon your face I see peace and hope for all.

On this Remembrance Day I remember and honour my grandfather, Russ Cooper. I never had the chance to know him.

Coming back from war brought back a changed man, a man who sought escape in a liquid reality attempting to obliterate the horrors and acts that were witnessed and performed. His children and wife suffering the most from this escape into easing of the daymares; for the mind can be a cruel fellow, playing a looping tape of memories sooner forgotten.
The ripple affect from casualties of war are far reaching and altering beyond our knowing, changing landscapes of people's dreams for their lives. My grandmother left my grandfather, leaving with four children, no money, no job, a deep fear and in my eyes a deep inner courage, the instinct to survive and thrive. My grandfather lived out the rest of his life alone, never knowing the people his children became, his grandchildren.  He died alone in a small room, his only companion a bottle of booze and the ever present cruel fellow, who's voice I hope had lessened over his years. The links of family are strong because even though I never met my grandfather I feel a deep sadness for what he suffered and its ripple affect.
I send out my gratitude to all who have served, all who serve and all the families that are impacted, all who have been and continue to be touched in their lives from war. Thank you for making my world a place where I feel safe.
I send out my own small prayer of hope for peace and love for all, today and everyday.

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The ever lasting effects of the War my Dad fought in, a Brave young soldier who fought along side other young ,Brave soldiers many lost their lives, they were the casualties that had Hopes and Dreams for a better tomorrow. They paid the ultimate price for our Freedom. My Dad never knew Freedom long after the war was over as his Freedom of Peace was stolen. His mind, with "real" visions of what he witnessed, what he endured were painful and life altering. My Dad was a tortured soul who never regained his personal being. He tried, but did not succeed ....there was no Solace to be found. Just an empty space that once held Love of a wife and his children. All of the Love shown and given to him could and would not ever be enough to erase the painful Memories my Dad lived with 24/7. Many lives shattered, some still trying to rise up out of the Ashes. I Honour my Dad today. We all live with the end results of War.......Memories that are for ever etched in our mind! Where there is Hatred let's sow seeds of Forgiveness and Love. CAROL xo xo


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