Reflections Past

Cathy Chmilnitzky
I choose and I create!

I choose and I create!


Drowning in a sea of circumstances, losing my last breaths.

The current flowing against me though I want to flow with it.

Have it take me to a place of peace and freedom.

What do you do when the fabric of your life is so explicitly woven with that of another?

When the body of their thoughts and feelings disrupt your ease.

I quietly release the tentacles, move silently away without bringing attention; to move on a singular path of creation.

At times the current pulls so strongly, sucking me down in it's frothing spiral.

I feel like giving up to the murky depths. Keep going, comes the voice. Keep going.

With the faceless champion I surge on with conviction, to be an entity unto myself.

I and I alone hold the AH! for my life and so I create anew.

Keep going, keep going and it is so.

Cathy Chmilnitzky

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To take the Path of least resistance in the long run would not prove to be a comfort or a self achievement. As we struggle in our own mind set,with our own set of values, our own honesty and truth, knowing and bringing forth all that we are........will set us Free! To acknowledge, to be conscious of self and your own believes is true freedom and Happiness. When you continue to go against the flow know that you are strong in body, mind and Spirit and that you are Stimulating Growth within your person! Dare to be different, to seek and find the Freedom of your Soul. Let your Journey unfold before you....Fearless!!!! So many Ahhhh moments to reach for and hold 🙂 CAROL


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