My first session with Cathy was shocking. She uncovered some major blocks as well as the hurt I'd been carrying from past lives! She not only cleared the negatives, she also gave me tools to support myself going forward that ensured I maintained the great results. I highly recommend that anyone wanting to experience a breakthrough or get to the next level hire her!
Amy Stoehr
USA / See More
Cathy is the real deal! She is truly amazing. Whether a distance session or face to face she is able to connect with your energy and release any negative energy that might be holding you back from accomplishing your goals and give you an overall happier and healthier feeling. Cathy is the first person who could ever successfully help me with my past life regression, and she did it on the first try. The results were amazing and helped me better understand myself today who was influenced by the me(s) of the past. 
Phil Ferraro
USA / See More
Cathy was listed as an expert at a Bob Proctor event that I attended in December 2014.  After I heard her speak, I knew straight away that I wanted Cathy to work with me.  From my very first session, she cleared away a heavy negative energy that I have been carrying for years, and her follow up written response to our session was incredibly accurate - without even knowing a thing about me or my life – it blew me away, not to mention that we live on opposite sides of the earth!  My sessions were a week apart and I could not wait for the next one!  The follow up exercises have also been a blessing for me.  I feel more energized, I have clarity and direction – Cathy is an amazing healer.    I am so grateful for the work she has done with me and anyone would be blessed to work with her.  
Alex Lober
Australia / See More
I have been working with Cathy since August 2014, it's difficult to explain what you can't see but every time I work with Cathy, all blocks, negative emotions and feelings go away and magically everything I'm trying to attract is suddenly drawn to me without effort. Working with Cathy is to the soul what bathing is to the body. She doesn't just open the door to the universe, she blows the entire roof off allowing energy to flow freely. As long as Cathy is doing this work, I will be a regular customer.
Matt De Vincenzo
Canada / See More
Cathy is a master at helping you unblock those unseen things that are stopping you...consciously or unconsciously...from moving forward. Her ability to hone in and clear away the energy and emotion that's often associated with negative life experiences is uncanny. The results I experience are immediate and long lasting.
Gina Hayden
Canada / See More
When I first experienced healing with Cathy I immediately felt how special and powerful her work was. Distance sessions were as effective as in person sessions even though we were miles apart I could clearly feel an energy shift. Homework is always a part of the after healing procedure ensuring that I was getting stronger and stronger in the areas I needed. I highly suggest her meditation CD.
Maria Menicou
Greece / See More