One Thought At A Time Create the Life You Dream

Become Master of Your Mind

Become Master of Your Mind


Did you know that thoughts are energy and that we are creating our realities at every moment with our thoughts. The greatest thing that we can do for ourselves is to become Master of our Minds.

That is to become aware of the thoughts that you are thinking and then change any that don't serve you; meaning the thoughts that aren't uplifting, complimentary, encouraging, supportive and generally loving in nature must be eliminated! All you need to do is look at the results that you're receiving in your life to know whether you are master or your mind is!

The mind is a tool for us to use to create what we desire in our lives yet we must be wielding it with exact precision. As with all tools there is an element of danger; of being cut, bruised or battered. And the mind and our thoughts are no different. If used correctly and consciously it will create a life of beauty, ease and flow. If left to its own devices it will create struggle, lack and resistance. I encourage you to start today, watch your thoughts as a quiet observer and in this awareness change your thinking to focus on what you want in your life. The Law of Attraction is always at work, never resting, to draw to you what you think and feel. Think loving positive thoughts that are stated in the present and feel gratitude in your heart. With this practice you will begin to experience a magical shift in the way the world around you unfolds. You will feel in harmony with that unseen force and know that you do have the power to design your magnificent life; one thought at a time.

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