In Awe at Winners?

Cathy Chmilnitzky

Kindness is Free


I was shopping in Winners and while looking at the summer patio things the young lady that was working in the area made a comment about something in my cart- how nice it was and good for me for finding it - type of thing.

“Thanks” I said and moved on a little ways away to inspect a little side table that caught my eye. I overheard her then compliment a lady on her pants. Moving into housewares I continued to hear her giving compliments. From where ever I was in the store (her having moved to different tasks throughout the store) I heard her interacting with people and freely giving compliments about personal observations and generally working to make people feel good!

Wow I thought! This is very special! This was kindness and connection in action! And it left me in awe. Inspiration is all around us even in the most unseeming of places, we just have to be paying attention in order to receive the message!


Action - Think of ways in which you can freely share and spread kindness today

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