I Love Food! Feeding the Spirit with Awareness

IMG_9035Something you may not know about me is that I am a slow eater! I have been teased and ridiculed because of my excessive chewing for as long as I can remember. I've even been called a masticator. But the truth is that my slow eating has been a gift. I love food and I love eating good food ( if you follow me on Instagram you will know my love of food through my photos) and because I eat slowly I bring myself into a relationship with my food! A relationship of pure pleasure. I get to experience every spice, every tongue tantalizing taste and this brings me into the present moment and in the present moment I connect to the sheer enjoyment, bliss and pleasure that eating can bring.

Our fast paced world has us rushing through our days in an unconscious blur and we end up feeling depleted, disconnected and discontented.

We lose our selves; our spirit.

I put this out there as food for thought ( yes pun intended) begin to connect with the pleasures that surround us everyday and you can begin with your next meal. Gaze at the beauty of your food, food is a beautiful thing,  the rich colours, the varying textures. Breathe in the emotion invoking aromas, be in the moment. Take that first bite and savour the delicate or richly spiced flavours and bring yourself into the enjoyment of eating a great meal. Feel the pleasure beginning to spread through your being, feel contentment in this moment and give silent (or vocal ) gratitude.

When we bring ourselves into conscious awareness we connect with that inner world that is our spirit.

Go forth and be conscious, your spirit will love you for it and your life will begin to flourish in mysterious and magical ways!

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I eat too fast. I will make a conscious effort to eat my next meal slower and enjoy.


Hi Rosa
You will begin to notice a subtle shift in your life when you begin the practice of intentialy eating slow. It will create mindfulness and positivity in your life! Can't wait to hear about it 🙂 Bon Appetite!


Great information Cathy! Eating slowly eases Digestion and eases weight Gain. When eating too quickly our body does not absorb the food so we still feel Hungry and "gorge" on the food, not feeling full until......bloating and stomach cramps occur. Eat slowly, savour the flavour all the while benefiting your digestive system and over all Health 🙂




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