Have you heard of an Entity and Earth Bound Spirit Attachment?

Unseen Realm

Unseen Realm


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it may be a sign that you have an energetic attachment that is not in your highest and best good. Symptoms such as being accident prone, inability to focus, depression that can range from mild to extreme where even treatment doesn’t help, personality changes, mood changes, not feeling like yourself and a new addiction are some of the things that you may notice.

So what is an ENTITY?
  • Entities are energies that have a life form. These entities are created from fear based thoughts, coming from the ego, not a place of love, support and encouragement. These can come from our own thoughts or from the negative thoughts of others.
  • Earthbound Spirits are people that have passed on but have not gone to the afterlife. They are stuck on the earth plane.

It’s important to know that any person can be open to receiving an attachment of these natures and it’s absolutely nothing to feel bad about or fearful over.

If you feel that you may have an attachment you can simply ask for help in releasing it. If you have noticed a difference in your moods and personality then you may have a spirit attachment. Sense yourself in a ball of white light for protection and then ask for any loved ones in the afterlife realm to please come to assist the spirit in crossing over into the light.

For entity attachments protect yourself first and then you use the Violet Flame of Transmutation to transform any lower energies into light. See or sense the purple flame beginning at your feet and working it’s way up your entire body.

And of course if you need assistance I am here to help!

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