Have you Experienced Your Perfection?


Have you had a moment in time where you felt so deeply rooted in the truth of who you are that everything slows down and you feel utterly wrapped in rightness, washed in peace and lifted beyond the physical form of your body?

I just had the most magical experience while hiking. I was surrounded by enchantment in the form of towering, time worn pines, that in their stately manner spoke of their ability to stand tall against all outer forces. Goliath granite that rose out of the earth as though a vast garden of rock seeds had come to a bountiful harvest, sharing secrets of their journey to fruitfulness. Sugary maples that gift us with their very life’s blood. My feet standing upon the pillowy leaf encrusted soil, rich with the nutrients to nourish all and in this moment a tingling wakefulness of my self as perfection.
To experience this type of perfection in the moment you have to surrender yourself to it, your mind must be suspended and your heart must be open. This allows you to experience from your spirit and your spirit’s senses, your intuition, your channel to the Divine. It returns you to a state of oneness and allows the light of love to flow through you.
So go as far as you can from the sights and sounds of your surroundings, the honking horns, screeching tires, sirens and airplanes and immerse yourself in the alchemy of a secluded forest. And once there open your heart to the full immersion experience.
And if you can't go far from home that's ok too because we are gifted with the power to imagine. So look into my photos and transport yourself there. You will tap into the magic of the forest and discover your perfection too 😉


To view more of my pics from this awe inspiring adventure click here Energy Mastery and join my FB group, I'd love to have you along for the journey!

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