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When I was a little girl I used to love asking my dad to flex his muscles for me. Placing my small hand on the bulge of that bicep muscle brought feelings of awe.

I at once felt my Dad was a hero for surely with those muscles he possessed the strength to fight off monsters and all manner of scary beasts. Feeling those muscles also gave me a sense of security, a quiet feeling of inner rest and assurance that all things were right and always would be with my Dad there to watch out for me; his mere presence brought me comfort. I also felt my own bulging pride; this was my Dad! Those hulking muscles and the arms that they dwelled within also took me up in affectionate embraces, tickles and handholding. I always thought there was no better man in the world than my Dad, he was my strength before I grew into my own, my eyes before I saw and believed in the beauty and greatness that was me, my heart for the love that he gave me, teaching me how to be loved and how to love in return.

Revealing his bicep with humble showmanship I'm sure he wasn't even aware of the impact of that one small gesture, of humouring his little girl. The unspoken communication that passed between muscle and bony fingers that to this day I can still see and feel in the memory of my mind and heart. That one small motion has shaped the woman that I am today because the current of that exchange spoke that I am valued, safe, important, special and above all, loved.

From my heart Happy Father's Day Dad! Love never extinguishes but lives in eternity.

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Heather Evans
June 21, 2015 9:15 pm

Beautiful Cathy! It's wonderful to read this memory and share such an important part of who you are! Thanks for inviting me in! Xo


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