Found in Waikiki

Cathy Chmilnitzky

Wakiki Beach pic for blog


Sitting on the beach in Waikiki, soothed into peace with the rhythmic symphony of lapping waves, while simultaneously being bathed in the warmth and light of the sun.

I felt a sense of being filled with another light, the light energy of love that flows down from Venus and into the energy portal that is located in Honolulu. This is a special place and these are special times. You are being transformed right at this moment even if you aren't fully aware of it. We are shifting as a planet and people into a higher dimensional awareness called the 5th Dimension.
The planet is shifting and as Mother Earth shifts in dimension we shift symbiotically with her. As this happens, we experience a rise in chaos as our emotionally held issues from past circumstances and situations bubble up to the surface, just as a dolphin surfaces to take a breath. Our long held "stuff" is surfacing to be released so that we may take in the next breath of clear pure air that will move us along and into Ascension in the 5th dimension.
The 5th dimension is a reality that holds the highest version of ourselves as spirit. It is co-operation, higher understanding, intuition, compassion, oneness and unconditional love. It is up to us to live right now with intention of acting from our highest selves so that we actively participate in the creation of living the 5th dimension, we are heading there regardless, by holding the intention of being kind, loving, giving, accepting we help to smooth the path of ascension for ourselves and others.
I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be sitting in this energy portal of love flow in person, being infused with the highest energy vibration of universal love, my heart is open, expanded and I feel love rippling out from within me.
You can experience this for yourself simply by closing your eyes and visualizing yourself there. Then feel the love energy fill and surround you, lifting you into your best self. Feel kind, harmonious, accepting, co-operative, caring, generous and loving. Stay there as long or short as you like and when you're ready to leave, give thanks and open your eyes.


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