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You are invited to be a part of the NEW
Exclusive Intuitive Mastery ” Program

Finally!! Learn to Use Your Intuition!

After years of Clients begging me to teach them How To Tap Into and Use their OWN UNIQUE INTUITIVE GIFTS I've finally Relented and decided to make it Happen!! And YOU can be a Part of the EXPERIENCE!

Your INTUITION is your Source given right!! We all posses the abilities to utilize our INTUITIVE sides in order to receive Guidance in our Lives!! 





Exclusive Program and a Support System for YOU and anyone who has a desire to know how to create a phenomenal life by utilizing their Intuitive Gifts. Just imagine the positive impact it will have on your life when you are in the Driver Seat.

We all want to Live OUR HIGHEST AND BEST LIVES and it's so much easier when we understand how to utilize the unseen realm of energy that surrounds US. WE Are Energy and we are a part of something much bigger than Ourselves. When we learn how to tap into this Source of Unlimitedness our truest desires for ourselves begins to unfold in magical ways. 
We live in an ABUNDANT UNIVERSE and as such WE ARE ABUNDANT!! Once we learn how to connect with the Universe and our intuitive gifts we open the flood gates to UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.

Imagine expanding through Exclusive Access to one of the most revered Energy Intuitive's and being part of a special circle of like minded supportive people


Cathy Chmilnitzky is the best in the world at what she does.  If anyone knows anything about energy; how to tap into the blocks, determine where the underlying challenges are (as they relate to preventing you from getting results), and help clear them, she is the “go-to” person.  We are all energetic beings and this is a topic you want to pay attention to.  You may be the only one standing in your way of success and Cathy can help you get out of your own way and experience the results you have been desiring.

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Peggy McColl
New York Times Best-Selling Author
aka "The Best Seller Maker"

Exclusive Intuition Mastery is a One Year Limited Enrolment Program that will Teach You how to Connect to Your Intuition.
This program offers the opportunity to receive the guidance you need in a brand new program (with 12, 2 hour “live” web classes delivered each month!). Cathy's teaching style is fun, easy, experiential and lasting, providing you with the tools that will Last a Lifetime! Oh and don't forget her 20 + years of experience and wisdom that she is ready to Pass onto You!

Cathy comes from a place of light and healing. My sessions with Cathy were really great experiences and left me feeling more centered and light. She helped me to heal and release areas that needed to be addressed. The energy exercises/visualizations have supported me in moving forward and staying in this new energy. I am so very grateful for the distance sessions with Cathy they have truly benefited me and is something I take with me always.

Louise Beckinsale PhotoLouise Beckinsale

Thinking Into Results Facilitator/Coach, Owner at EvolvHealth, Co-Owner at Gilligallou Bird Inc     


Cathy will teach you how to tap into your "gut" to allow the Universal Energies to flow with ease bringing abundance and success into your life!
Here's a little sneak peak at the classes:
  •  What is Energy? Us as Energy and special Energy sensing exercises. That's right in the Very First Class you will gain practical experience and tools
  • Spiritual Cleansing. How to keep your Energy on track
  • Chakras. Everything you need to know to understand these energy centres and their influence on us! As well as guidance to sense the vitality of your very Own Chakras
  • Blocks and Fears around Intuition. You can't move forward using your intuitive gifts if there are issues that are holding you back!!
  • Meet your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Learn all about the different types of Guides and your wonderful Higher Self
  • Angels and Ascended Masters. There are wonderful beings that are just waiting to assist us with their wisdom and guidance but first you must know them. Here's your chance for that Introduction!
  • Channeling. Learn the methods of receiving guidance.
  • Other Methods of Divining Messages and Guidance to assist you in your life
  • Fun Class! The opportunity to play with our intuition's receive messages from guides, oracle cards and more
  • Creating an Intuitive Tool Kit.
  • Seeing Angels and Auras
  • Methods to Maintain and Build a strong energy field and why that is important
  • Finally, Tools to stay in tune with your Intuition
But there is so much more value here!! Look at all that is Included!
8 Private Distance Energy Sessions along with a half hour Skype chat Value $3,600
6 Emergency Sessions - Spiritual Counselling or Energy Session (to be arranged within 48hrs, excluding weekends and holidays) Value $3,000
Exclusive Access to "Soul Retrieval" Program Value $697
Digital Download of each of my guided meditations " Energy Healing Journey" "Reconnecting to Spirit" "Discovering Your Needs at the Moment" Value $45
And don't forget
Exclusive Intuition Mastery One Year Program with 12, 2 hour classes teaching YOU all the fundamentals of your intuition Value $7,200
Bonus # 1: How to be a Shaman Healer and The Journeys to Get You There! Cathy's book in digital format Value $3.49 but seriously the contents are priceless!!  But it's FREE with your enrolment in the One Year Program
Bonus # 2: All new programs and guided meditations that are added throughout the year! This is The Cracker Jack of bonuses, there is no telling what this will be worth but trust me it will be valuable $Beyond Measure  But Guess What? It's FREE!
Bonus # 3: A Members Only Face Book group so that you can connect with other exclusive class participants in order to share, grow, support and encourage one another. This type of support group in invaluable as you begin to explore your intuition, it's important to have a safe place to share your experiences and seek encouragement when doubt or uncertainty creeps in. Totally FREE!!
That’s a total value, including bonuses, of $14,542 …(and that doesn't even include what's to come in bonuses) but this entire “Exclusive Intuitive Mastery One Year Program” is yours if you act quickly for only $5,525.96 USD… (a payment plan is available as follows:  $1,841.98 deposit to secure your spot and payments of $1,841.98 every 30 days for 2 months).
Enrolment into this Exclusive Program is strictly Limited to 10 Souls that are passionate about learning to harness the power that is The Intuition! So...if you are even considering joining Act Now, delay brings disappointment or as Wayne Dyer says "Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday and avoiding today." Moving forward into a deeper connection with who you are is the best gift you can give yourself.


I can remember looking over the email you sent summarizing my first session with utter amazement as to how you knew so much about me especially about how I was raised. I cried tears of joy because in that moment, I confirmed that my intuition was bang on. I knew the first time I met you, you were going to help me help myself get unstuck.

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Please Note

When you enrol, you are fully committed. The program does not offer a refund or a cancellation and is non transferable. When you secure one of these spots, I in return am committing my time and expertise to you. Spots in this program are Exclusive (as the name implies) and as such are limited to a small group of 10. Because of the Client demand that I have already had these spots won't last long.  If you feel an inner excitement, a whisper from your Spirit, then please take action right now! That is your Intuition talking to you. The first step is listening.


Q.  Are there any payment plans?

A.  Yes, a payment plan is available.  Choose the one that suits you most.  See the buttons below.

Q.  When does the Program begin and when are the classes?

A.  The Program begins September 7th at 1pm EST.  There are 12 classes in total.  The dates and are as follows and the time remains the same(please note that each and every class will be recorded and you will have access to all of the recorded webinars after they are delivered): Oct 5th, Nov 2nd, Dec 7th, Jan 4th, Feb 1, March 1st, April 5th, May 3rd, June 7th, July 5th and August 2nd

Q.  What if I can’t participate in 100% of the program?

A.  The program is designed with the busy person in mind.We encourage you to make every effort to participate in as many of the classes as possible. All of the teaching classes are recorded and archived so that you can access them at your convenience and move through them at your own pace.

Q.  What will my success be?

What kind of action will you take with what you have learned? Ultimately, your level of commitment, focus, and execution of the tools you’ve been given will determine your results. Your Mentor will teach and support you in learning the steps necessary to tap into your intuitive gifts, your own dedication to practice is what will bring you the level of success you desire. 

Q. When can I use the sessions?

As this is a program that runs for one year, all sessions must be used during that time frame. It is the students responsibility to email in order to schedule a session. And if you think about it the sessions are really like freebies any way, it's the course content that is the powerful stuff because it empowers you to take your energy well being into your own hands!

The registration buttons are below.

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.


Full Payment is NOW only $5525.96 USD


Payment Plan $1841.98 USD deposit to hold your spot, with 2 x $1841.98 USD recurring payments (every 30 days)

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