Are you Suffering?

Cathy Chmilnitzky
Let Go and Be Free

                    Let Go and Be Free 

Suffering comes from attachment. Contemplate which areas in your life you may be holding too much attachment to. Is it a relationship that really isn't all that good for you? Is it a situation that your mind won't release? Perhaps something material that you know you are ready to move on from but the fear of the new and unknown keeps you bound, as well as any sentimental value the material item or items also holds. Are you too attached to your life the way it is right now and this holds you back from being open to new opportunities? 
It is our attachments that bring us stress, worry, fear and anxiety and all this begins in the mind/ego. So let GO and BE FREE! Make space for wonderful new experiences, relationships and opportunities to come into your life! You deserve to live your best life and it's all up to you!
Try this:
When an attachment comes into your mind causing your mind to dwell on the situation bringing in fears, doubts, uncertainties which in turn cause stress, worry and anxiety. STOP it in it's tracks by being present and aware of the thought attachment and then with intention say silently "No, I release you! I am practicing non-attachment and I am no longer bound to this (whatever this may be)" And insert a thought of a positive and progressive nature - meaning one that will work to create the outcome and life that you desire.
Cheers to Non Attachment!!

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