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Hello to My Cherished One Year Intuition Mastery Group,

Wow can you believe how quickly our time together has gone by?? It’s amazing to me!

What is also amazing is the wonderful progress that each of you has made in connecting to and trusting your own intuitions! Reflecting back over our classes from the very first when some only had a small sense of things, to now seeing vividly detailed information and receiving wonderful insights and communication from spirit! I feel so proud of all of you.

I really feel that we have created incredible group energy of support and encouragement, growth and learning. I received guidance to create content for six more months together continuing to grow spiritually through expanded awareness and learning.

So here is the offer!


Advanced Intuition Mastery


This will be a Six Month Program EXCLUSIVE to members of The One Year Intuitive Mastery Program that will Teach You advanced Spiritual concepts and Connect you to Your Intuition on an even deeper level

We will explore such topics as

  • Remote Viewing and Astral Projection

  • Elementals –Fairies, Nymphs, Sprites

  • Advanced Shamanic Studies – Extraction and Psycho Pomp Work

  • Extraterrestrial Beings of the Light

  • Future Lives Projection and/or Life in Between

  • Basic Sacred Geometry

This extension to the program will offer the opportunity to receive further knowledge, growth and guidance in the same experiential way while broadening your knowledge base and learning in these advanced phenomenon. Not only will you be learning more you will be continuing to dedicate time and attention to your own spiritual growth and practice.


Intuition Mastery Six Month Program with 6, 2 hour classes teaching YOU all advanced knowledge for your intuitive growth Value $3,600

But because I’m super attached to you guys and really want to continue teaching you valuable content in order to witness your further growth, I’m offering this to you for only $2,221CDN…that is an awesome savings of $1,379 CDN (a payment plan is available as follows:  $740.33 deposit to secure your spot and payments of $740.33 every 30 days for 2 months).


I am super excited to continue our journey together and I hope that you are too!! If so please click on one of the options below to secure your place!

Big Hugs, Love and Much Gratitude




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