Cathy Chmilnitzky has been a practicing intuitive and skilled clairvoyant for over two decades. She is a practitioner, teacher, a six year Expert Presenter for Bob Proctor's Matrixx program, a speaker and a published author.

Cathy discovered her spiritual gifts at a very early age. It was this interest that led her to pursue her purpose an an intuitive healer. With a sincere desire to help others on their paths to self discovery leading to their soul's purpose.

Listening to the whisper of our own soul is one of the most amazing gifts that we can give ourselves. In order to allow this authentic voice to be heard, it's necessary to heal those parts of us that are blocking the way.

Cathy Chmilnitzky Energy Mastery Institute

Bob Proctor & Cathy Chmilnitzky

When I was a child and I started seeing a little girl in the basement at our house, I shared this with my parents, they didn't tell me I was seeing things or imagining things, instead they asked me what she was wearing, what colour was her hair?  They encouraged me to share all the details. This was a blessing for me because it gave me a safe environment to trust my intuitive self. In our family the unseen realm, spirits, psychic phenomenon and ufo's were all acceptable and encouraged topics of discussion.

My own intuitive experiences were openly encouraged to share with my family. My parents were believers and had their own intuitive abilities (as we all do) and experiences. How amazing to grow up in an environment that not only nurtured my intuitive self but encouraged it too.

As I came into my teen years, friends and boys became more important and I ignored my intuitive self to some extent. In my twenties as a wife and Mom of a two year old I suddenly needed something for myself; I needed to find an essential part of me that I had set aside for too long. As a result I felt a little lost, without footings to connect me to my true self.

I began actively working on regaining my intuition and rediscovering my truest most authentic self. In this process I discovered my purpose to serve others through my intuitive gifts, and specifically, the ability to work with energy to heal and release that which is no longer serving people and is in fact keeping them from living their Greatest Life. This is one of my passions and if you hang out with me here on my website, getting to know me better through my blog or working with me, you will discover more of them. I hope that through this relationship you will be inspired to live your passions too!

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