A Meeting of Spirits - At Bob Proctor's Matrixx Event

Energy Can Be Seen!

Energy Can Be Seen!


So I’ve just settled in back home after a few days in Toronto where I am blessed to be an Expert at Bob Proctor’s Matrixx Seminar.

The Matrixx is a six day event that takes the participants to the next level; not only in their awareness of their own power to create what they want in their lives, but the opportunity to work directly with Bob on their personal goals. We as Experts in our fields are invited to assist the participants through our knowledge and skills in reaching their dreams.


I have been attending the Matrixx since 2010 in this role and I love it! I love meeting so many wonderful people from all over the world and I have to tell you I truly feel a strong heart centered connection to my clients. I absolutely desire the best for them as they move forward on their paths to success. To me success is the true expression and fulfillment of the spirit; which is our authentic self. I love being able to play a role in helping them get to this ultimate expression.


I had so many highlights at this Matrixx but I wanted to share a special one with you. A couple of weeks before this event, a gentleman was referred to me through another client. This gentleman, who lives in Singapore, and I set up our session time and date and completed the session. He sent me an email which included some of the following “It is unbelievable what you wrote as I could not have expressed it better. I can feel the energy and feeling connected. Never had this feeling before.” We emailed back and forth a bit with questions and answers and then looked at booking another session together. This is when I found out that he would be coming to the Matrixx; I would get to meet him in person!! I was very excited!


During my presentation I have Bob come up to help me with a little energy demonstration, it was here that Bob started to speak about this man and his experience with me, which he had shared with Bob earlier in the week. Bob called him up to the front to share his experience with everyone (a big surprise to me as I wasn’t expecting this) and this is when I first got the pleasure of seeing him in person! What a blessing to see him face to face but also have him openly share his feelings about the work we did together. I feel so lucky to have met him in the physical, he is such a wonderful man, kind, gentle, caring, intelligent and a seeker of a connection, understanding and deeper knowing of his own spirit.


I send out a big wave of love and gratitude to all who have touched me from this latest Matrixx and I look forward to our growing together through the building of connection to our own unique and ever seeking evolution aspects of who we are, known as our Spirits.

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